sleeve garters

I’m three episodes from the end of Guardian, so my brain is pretty much in an ‘all Guardian, all the time’ mode right now. I have two (2) questions, as of episode 37.

ONE: I’m — confused, about what the plan is. Is it still time travel? Because I don’t understand why they would need the wick for that; the lantern clearly worked fine to open a wormhole before without one, right?

TWO: After an important family discussion about sleeve garters, my understanding is that their intended purpose is to make sleeves the right length. As in, you shouldn’t then need to roll your cuffs up? Logically, my brain can understand that perhaps the sleeve garters are for making sleeves the right length under a jacket, and then once the jacket comes off, the sleeves get rolled up. This genuinely seems like a lot of work for someone who can magically transform their outfit, though. And they’re clearly not a ‘blending in with the locals’ thing, because *no one* else has them. So yeah, what’s up with that?

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