toaster update

I’ve gone up from the “four slice” toaster oven to the “six slice,” which in reality means that I could now realistically fit four slices. (I’m not sure what kind of miniature bread is used in the marketing pictures for toaster ovens — a niche baking opportunity to be sure.) Not that I’ve ever felt the urge to toast four slices of bread at once, but it’s nice to be able to stick the baking tray in (toaster oven bacon, yum!) and toast the sandwich bread at the same time.

I read many (many!) reviews of toaster ovens, and this is what I learned:

*There is a very tiny (hopefully not nonexistent) range of toaster ovens that fall between ‘so cheap you might as well just set your place on fire yourself’ and ‘so expensive that they become finicky and the features you never needed stop working anyway and you constantly feel guilty for spending so much on a toaster.’

*They get hot. (I mean, I knew that already. But I was surprised by how many people mentioned it specifically in their reviews.)

*So many people use the timer feature! I have never used the timer feature, because I cannot stand the ticking, and also why would I use a timer? I don’t want the toaster to decide when my toast is done; I can do that part!

*People are so much more particular about toast than I ever realized.

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