winning at DIY

I had a home improvement victory this week, although the timeline of said victory certainly reflects my somewhat hit or miss relationship with maintenance projects. I have fixed the toilet seat cover!

(I actually had this on the list to figure out *last* January, and then didn’t, because it wasn’t that bad, and the replacement choices were kind of overwhelming, and I couldn’t actually figure out how to get the current cover off, so I chose the “do nothing” approach and figured I would deal with it later.)

[I knew it must be REALLY EASY because the internet couldn’t tell me how it worked. Everything was just ‘take the old cover off.’ Sometimes it’s the little things that trip me up.]

Later finally rolled around, because the cover got wobbly enough that one of the plastic tabs covering the screws popped open, and I was all, ‘LIGHTBULB MOMENT! So THAT’S how it works!’ And I grabbed a dime (works great as a stand-in for a flathead screwdriver for large plastic screws) and tightened everything up and now it’s good as new again!

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