#I get a sticker for this

Some things are hard, and that’s what stickers are for. Do I really need to go to the eye doctor this year? I went last year! They’re going to want to dilate my pupils, which I’ve never had done before, and don’t particularly want to do ever. (Note: I hate going to the eye doctor, because of the eye chart. It feels like a test that I can’t study for and always fail. Yes, I do know that’s not the point of the eye chart. No, telling myself that hasn’t helped yet.)

On the other hand, just *not going* seems like perhaps not the best choice either? I mean, I admit to using that strategy for primary care, but I generally try to keep up with teeth and eye stuff. Which is a very long way of saying I just scheduled an appointment online. (PS: Which I tried last year, and then was told that the online scheduler “wasn’t accurate” and that no appointments were available — we’ll see what happens this time around!)

Silver lining: I totally get a sticker for this.

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