long weekend caturday!

Things I’m planning to do this weekend:

1. Switch the summer curtain (windowsill length, perfect for leaving the window open on summer nights, waves beautifully in warm breezes) to the winter curtain (floor length, insulated, keeps the chill from sneaking up on my toes in the colder months).

2. Go for a walk and take all the same pictures I took last fall.

3. Really should eat that avocado.

4. Pound back supplements and tea, because my boss showed up at work all week with the death-plague.

5. Figure out what we’re doing for Dad’s birthday.

6. Based on past evidence, probably read tons of fanfic, because what is moderation?

7. Did you know you can get your car inspected up to THREE MONTHS before your actual birth month in NH? I will not be doing that this weekend. But it’s good to know!

8. Nap? Napping sounds good.

9. Pat the cat. A given, but still supremely worthy of mention!

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