that awkward moment

Being a fan of the fanfic but not super familiar with the source material sometimes gets super weird. This happens to me a lot with Harry Potter, because I work with people who love the books & movies, and I always want to be all, ‘Yeah, HP is great, absolutely!’ But what I mean is: ‘I stopped reading after book 4 but I just spent the weekend reading a 200,000 word time travel AU and it was A+ fun.’

(Occasionally it comes in handy, because sometimes obscure book things get disproportionately focused on in fanfic. Usually it just leaves me with wacky gaps in my knowledge.)

Here’s a fun fact that came from neither books nor fanfic, but that I learned from my daily trivia calendar: the HP spell “avis” has the effect of “creating a small flock of birds.” (I have So Many Questions.)

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