fall fic finally finished

Finished and posted, so I can finally stop wondering if it will ever happen!

Title: Run the Mountain
Author: marcicat

Fandom: Rise (2018), Power Rangers (2017)
Rating: T (language? the crisis of American youth?)

Summary: “I don’t need superpowers, I need a steady income and a passing grade in History.”

Note: Imagine an AU where Alpha did the logical thing, and called Eltar for a pickup instead of loading Zordon’s brain into the ship and lurking around the Earth for a few thousand years. Because then Eltar’s backup team would’ve come and collected Alpha, and the ship, and the bodies, and let’s say they left the coins as a sort of combination memorial/apology for, you know, destroying the ecosystem, or whatever. (And imagine they were in Pennsylvania, because those Rise kids living in a High School Musical dystopia could stand a little mystical technology added to their lives.)

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