sunglasses all the time

When I got my prescription sunglasses, there were two options for lenses — one of them would be truer colors (the gray tint, maybe?) and one would be higher contrast (the brown tint? I think?). And I was mostly planning on using them while driving, so I said hook me up with that higher contrast, because obviously I can use all the help I can get when I’m behind the wheel.

And by the time I was getting the sunglasses, my prescription had changed ever-so-slightly from my regular glasses. “You probably won’t even notice!” (Which is not… exactly true. It’s not alarming, or anything. But it’s definitely noticeable.)

Which is a long lead up to the story of my morning walks. I have one of those commutes to work which on a good day takes 35 minutes, and on a bad day takes an hour, and when I split the difference it means sometimes I get to work a little early. So I walk down the (dead-end) street and back, it takes about ten minutes, it’s great. And when it’s sunny, and I was wearing my sunglasses to drive, I just leave them on to walk.

It’s awesome. Weird, but awesome. It’s like — morning and evening light is always pretty cool anyway, but now add HIGH CONTRAST and EXTRA GOOD VIEW-POWER. It’s a bit like walking through a surreal, super-saturated movie-scape. PS I love it.

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