internet search of the day

I bought paper towels at the grocery store yesterday, and it was raining, so the package got a little damp. Instead of drying it off, I just let it sit on the counter for a while instead of putting it away — which is why I ended up actually reading the package, and how I learned that my store brand paper towels have a warning on them saying they should not be put in the microwave.

I was side-eying this warning hard, so I took to the internet to see what was up.

Apparently nothing. I mean, sure, there’s some warnings about paper towels with color printing on them being a potential issue (since the ink is not necessarily food-grade and could leach into whatever you’re microwaving), but the likelihood that a white paper towel will catch on fire in the microwave is pretty non-existent.

(Note: To be fair, a paper towel *could* catch on fire, if you put something else dumb in the microwave with it that created sparks, like a fork, or a cd or something. But I don’t actually even have a microwave? So I’m not sure why I was so concerned. I think my brain was just trying to distract me from the shenanigans going on in the MCU this weekend.)

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