caturday ramblings

An update on Josie, the littlest bot vac:

1. If the braided rug is on the tile floor, Josie will not go over it. But if the braided rug is on the carpet, she’ll trundle right up and over no problem.

2. I retract my earlier statement that Josie won’t go on the black rugs. Last weekend she cleaned them with no hesitation. I have no explanation.

3. Josie spends a lot of time cleaning areas I ignore (under things like end tables and the bed, mainly) and very little time cleaning the areas I usually focus on (the big clear areas). It works out pretty well.

4. I am sure my apartment would be cleaner if I used the big vacuum all the time instead. But since the whole point is that I hate vacuuming, Josie’s cleaning is a thousand times better than me doing nothing and then being angry at myself.

5. It’s much easier to motivate myself to do *some* vacuuming than *all* the vacuuming.

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