workaday Wednesday

Yesterday I was having a conversation with my boss about Goals, and of course one of The Goals is always to Cut Costs. And of course I put on my Serious Business face and nodded while slightly frowning (my go-to expression for Serious Business conversations).

And I was nodding and slightly frowning, I had a sudden thought. (‘Don’t ask,’ I thought to myself. ‘They know what they’re doing.’ But then I thought, ‘You once had to explain the gmail vacation reminder feature to someone. You should ask anyway.’) And because I am a terrible, terrible troublemaker, I opened my mouth.

“So, this may be a foolish question, but the goal does take into account that costs will naturally rise over time, right?”

[Me, about to blow someone’s mind by explaining inflation: ‘Oh, haven’t you heard?’]

My boss looked at me. I looked back. I heard the words, ‘That’s a good question,’ which is 100% of the time a bad sign. And then I heard, ‘I’m sure that’s been taken into account.’

My boss did not look sure.

We moved on.

Oh, work.

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