thanks, internet

Look, I realize tumblr has a rep for being sort of the of social media, but both of them have their benefits. I mean, seeing’s list of fandoms let me get a trivia question correct in eighth grade French (21 Jump Street, thanks ever so much brain for keeping that bit of info!) And yesterday I sat down after work, opened up tumblr, and thought ‘at last, a style of communication I understand!’


2. everything is a joke. and everything is not a joke. that’s the funny part.

3. there’s a meme for that (“thanks, I hate it”)

4. punctuation is for conveying The Mood

5. scrolling is like: cute animal pic, life update, tv/movie gifset, joke, art, reaction gif, cute animal pic, serious questions about existence, funny quote, lifehack about clothespins, baby sloth vid — it’s my brain, on the screen!

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