movie re-review: Thor 3

I’ve been trying to figure out why Thor 3 was so enjoyable to watch, compared with basically everything else the MCU has put out recently (except for Black Panther, which was great!). And I finally came up with two things.

1. Character interaction — Thor and Loki have known each other for thousands of years. They grew up together. They have shared stories, and in-jokes, and when they switch back and forth between sniping at each other and presenting a united front, it actually seems like a legit siblings thing to do. And since their lives are so long, the fact that they basically haven’t seen each other for five years doesn’t seem like a big issue.

2. ‘They’re aliens’ free pass — When you try to put superheroes into our current reality, I usually can’t quite get past the massive infrastructure damage. None of our systems are set up to handle that kind of thing. (Except probably Wakanda’s, which is why I breathed easier during Black Panther.) But aliens! They have alien stuff! (Seriously, remember Rocket’s magical ship-fixing thing in GotG2? Literally hand-waving away the problems!) And their alien biology makes them surprisingly hardy, or at least hardy enough that I can convince myself that they were Probably All Just Fine And Not Dead At All.

In conclusion: Thor 3 — more convincing family feels; less stress!

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