mindfulness app check-in

I have one week to go in the 8 week mindfulness program on my phone. I am looking forward to being done with it, although it has been an interesting experience. My brain insists that I get through the entire thing, but it turns out that it’s very flexible in what it’s willing to count as “doing” the day’s exercise.

Things my brain will not accept:
*Clicking the “skip” button on the assignment.

*Clicking the “did it” button without playing the recording.

*Playing the recording while I’m reading, or otherwise engaged in computer stuff.

Things my brain will accept:
*Letting the recording play when I’m going to bed, even though I know I will fall asleep long before it finishes.

*Letting the recording play while I’m stretching. Or putting lotion on my feet. Or not in the room.

*Letting the recording play too quietly for me to hear, while I listen to music.

(I don’t actually understand my brain sometimes. Most of the time, probably.)

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