thanks, nanowrimo!

This week I learned from my page-a-day trivia calendar that the six official languages of the UN are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

What I did not need to learn from my calendar is that the two main headquarters of the UN are in New York and Geneva, Switzerland. I actually had a coworker doubt me on this one, but thanks to the power of nanowrimo*, I was Super Confident and emerged victorious.

[*I love stuff like this, because on the surface it’s all ‘yes, I know interesting facts about this world,’ but one layer down is ‘actually I just needed to know where some fictional movie characters would need to fly their superjet to talk to some world leaders about aliens,’ and waaaaay down in my heart of hearts I know it was really just an excuse to put in a regency romance shoutout about eloping to Scotland, even though Scotland and Switzerland are not really that close.]

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