makes me wonder

I have been looking more seriously into the possibility of a robot vacuum cleaner, since some of them are now pretty reasonably priced, and vacuuming is my least favorite chore by a factor of approximately eleventy million. (I don’t even know why! I just have vacuuming issues!)

Anyway, the more I read reviews, the more I am beginning to suspect that perhaps I have been vacuuming wrong all these years. A selection of common responses:

1. ‘It doesn’t clean in a grid pattern.’ (People do this??? Come on, I’m vacuuming, not conducting a search and rescue operation.)

2. ‘It doesn’t get into corners.’ (Neither does a regular vacuum, that’s why you just sort of — swoosh the dirt out of the corner with your foot, and then vacuum it up, right? Right?)

3. ‘It bumps into things.’ (Do people not bump their vacuum cleaners into things? Is that just me?)

4. ‘It doesn’t clean under the sofa.’ (PEOPLE VACUUM UNDER THEIR SOFAS?)

5. ‘It gets confused and wanders off.’ (Okay, now I just feel called out.)

What I’m getting from my research is that I am probably not very good at vacuuming, and the robot vacuum might not be any better, but it would probably not be worse either.

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