workaday Wednesday

I finally started reading the book club book. Turns out it is actually over 300 pages long, and I guess we’re supposed to be finished before the first book club meeting in April. So yeah, I figured I should start.

I’m now 30 pages in, and it’s fine so far. I’ve gotten used to learning about stuff in the style of tumblr — full of hyperbole, and sprinkled with profanity and pop culture references, so it seems a little bland. Also I’m pretty sure I’m still in the introduction (aka the catchy story to lull you into thinking the book is engaging and accessible) but I couldn’t swear to it. We’ll see!

(Relatedly, I have no idea how a book club works. Am I supposed to remember specific stuff? Is there a test? Will there be snacks? I hope there will be snacks.)

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