“Cool motive, still murder.” (Brooklyn 99)

I am frequently frustrated (aka I get grumpy at work) by the way people oh-so-casually bridge the chasm between understandable and okay. It usually goes something like this:

Me: ‘I’m upset by this person’s actions.’
Coworker: ‘Would you agree that the feeling that drove those actions is understandable?’
Me: ‘Of course the feeling is understandable, but–‘
Coworker: ‘Well, that’s that, good talk.’

Just because someone’s feelings are understandable doesn’t make their actions okay. I understand people being angry when a product is discontinued, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to scream at the customer service rep. And I understand why someone might be stressed by job pressure, but that doesn’t make it okay to take it out on their employees.

[And Brooklyn 99 has already provided this lesson in a handy quote! You don’t even have to watch the show (I have never seen it, although I hear good things), because the internet is full of gifsets! Thanks, internet!]

[[PS: Re-reading this, I would just like to be crystal clear that no one has been murdered at my workplace. The quote is about murder, because they’re cops? And I think it can be broadly applied in a conceptual sense, but yeah, no murder.]]

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