win of the day

So I’m doing some apartment reorganizing, because it’s been almost four years since I moved in and there are still things that have never come out of the boxes they arrived in. Which in some cases is fine, and in some cases it means that there is a mostly empty box taking up space on the closet shelf because I can’t remember what’s in there and keep just assuming it’s full of important stuff. (Spoiler: it’s probably not.)

And of course it’s a great way to find stuff I’d forgotten about. Today I found STICKERS! Like, ancient stickers. Some of them I actually remember from pediatrician visits, so that’s more than twenty years ago for sure. (WHAT?!)

Had I been asked ‘do you still have the stickers from your childhood sticker book’ I would have guessed yes, but had no idea where they were, other than ‘probably somewhere in the apartment.’ Turns out they were with craft books, which I’m sure made perfect sense when I was packing (flat craft stuff goes with craft books, right?), but less sense pretty much any other time.

Still, the Key Takeaway here is STICKERS! (Yay!)

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