fic rec Friday

Being part of a serial canon fandom as it’s unfolding is always interesting. (The ‘who is Blaise Zabini’ kerfluffle was a personal fave.) There are fics written in between movies (or books, or whatever) that only work right then, and lots of series have that question of ‘how will we do x’ that gets answered millions of ways in fic long before it ever happens in canon.

Right now in the MCU fandom the question seems to be ‘how will we defeat Thanos.’ (Unsurprisingly, there seem to be *so many* options other than ‘we’ll all run on a field somehow and punch him.’)

Anyway, this fic gets special mention because the summary is so unassuming (Tony Stark goes missing, and Peter Parker goes to T’Challa for help) that I’m still not entirely sure how I suddenly found myself tens of thousands of words in and invested in things like global defense networks and Doctor Doom’s contributions to the team.

Perspective, by d_aia

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