my computer lives!

Good news: computer has returned to life! Bad news: still not entirely sure what the problem was?

What I do know is that at some point in the process, the problem became a lack of internet connection. Of course, instead of just saying that, my computer gave me the Everything Is Ruined Now And Forever screens of doom. (My computer is basically Sadness from Inside Out.)

Anyway, for future reference:

*Power off computer. Turn it back on and immediately hold down the Command and R keys. This gives you a window thing. (Google informs me it’s called MacOS Utilities.)

*One of the options is to get help online. Clicking that one let me access my wireless internet thing in the top bar, and then I had to figure out which of the codes was the password (I just tried them all twice, and eventually got it right).

*Once I was back online, I finagled my way back to the Utilities window and did the Re-Install option that looked the least like it would erase everything on my computer.

*Hours later, success!

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