workaday Wednesday

I was checking the work fridge ‘n freezer combo yesterday to see if the half and half had been restocked (it had not), and I noticed that the freezer door is popping open when the refrigerator door is shut. And then I googled it, because why not?

Apparently this is super common and not a sign of a fridge-pocalypse. Despite that, the advice ranges ‘not very helpful’ to ‘not very helpful at all.’ (Granted, it’s not like I did an exhaustive survey of available resources.) A few gems:

*Close the refrigerator door more gently.

*Tilt the fridge so the front is slightly higher than the back, so the doors will close on their own.

*Yeah, that happens. Push it shut again.

I mean, this is the kind of advice I love, because it meshes well with my usual approach to things, but now I feel kind of bad about emailing maintenance about it.

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