nano day 22

I frequently use chapter titles in nano novels, because they give me more words. I mean, also because they help me to structure my thoughts about what I’m writing, and because they provide a more significant visual break between sections, but the word thing too.

In the past, I have often given a chapter a title, then gone on to write something completely different. I figured I’d be soooo clever this year, and come up with the chapter title *after* I wrote it.

Everyone knows where this is going. My novel is littered with chapter titles that say **In which ** and nothing else. Some of them say **In which [GO CHECK THE LAST CHAPTER TOO]**

I’m pretty sure this is not an improvement.


PPS: In further proof that the world has gone mad, Boy Scout popcorn is actually kind of good this year?! I got the white cheddar kind, so I basically got fleeced for a bag of Smartfood, but I’m eating it, which is a first.

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