workaday Thursday

We do a lot of icebreaker questions at my workplace. Not entirely sure why; some people really like them, and keep the tradition going, I guess.

(Even though I secretly suspect it is a waste of time, it is a waste of *paid* time, and if the company wants to pay me to talk about how the movie ‘Next’ confused me because I thought Jessica Biel was Nicholas Cage’s secret daughter, which made their romantic relationship come totally out of left field for me, I’m cool with that.)

Anyway. Yesterday a question comes up that’s basically ‘if you could always escape one criminal charge for your whole life, what would you pick.’ I’m thinking speeding, right? Because A) it seems like it would genuinely be handy, and B) it is a super safe thing to admit at work. Like, if you have to admit to a crime at work, speeding is a good one. (Unless maybe you work in trucking? Or some other safe driving oriented career? I do not know those worlds. Please don’t take my advice about admitting crimes at work.)

But then! Then the person next to me says: murder. WHAT IN THE WORLD. I am still boggling over this.

I feel like there is more to say, but just — boggled. WHO SAYS THAT.

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