sometimes a little knowledge is good

All I know about Star Trek Discovery is what starandrea has posted and the (surprisingly little) that has crossed my tumblr dashboard.

Here is what the show looks like in my head:

1. There is a woman. (I hope more than one?) She is great. I like this part.

2. A desert? There was a desert in the trailer. I’m guessing this was not important, since the show is named after the ship.

3. There is a ship. The woman is not the captain? I don’t know why.

4. There is a tall alien. Presumably there are other aliens also. Probably in the Star Trek universe they are not called aliens? Because it seems like in space they would either all be aliens, or none of them would be.

5. I would like for there to be a cat, but I feel like the internet would have told me if there was one. Data had a cat. That was pretty great.

6. I like to imagine that the bridge crew has cupholders. (I like to imagine everyone’s station has cupholders.) So they can bring their bevs to work.

7. I really hope that instead of focusing on the war with the Klingons, the writers of the show take time to boldly explore and inspire new tropes for fan creators everywhere to embrace.

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