workaday Wednesday

So, my workplace is actually spread out over four (relatively close) separate buildings. And things change a lot, as things do, so people move around with some frequency between these buildings. Not just ‘visiting for a meeting’ but ‘my desk is now at a different mailing address’ moving. Which makes the fact that the team I’m on hasn’t moved in three years pretty unusual.

Is it because the company has a deep respect for our work and doesn’t want to disrupt a functional dynamic? Nope. It’s because the phones at our desks are linked into a phone queue, and no one knows how to change it.

Not kidding. Whoever set up the phones that way in the first place has since left the company, and the tech itself is old enough that the supplier no longer supports it. Every phone that was originally linked to the queue still is, even when they are being used by other teams. (Those people just have to be really careful with their settings to make sure they don’t get a customer service call.)

Which is all a very long way of saying — we’re getting a new phone system, and that means all of a sudden moving is looking a lot more likely.

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