movie rewatch: Star Trek Beyond

Okay, I have a lot of thoughts about this movie, mostly about how it was startlingly more fun to watch the second time around. Probably I was less worried about what was happening in terms of plot, so I could focus more on what the characters were doing, which is the part I like.

But I have to ask: the hair — is Kirk stress-growing his hair?* Is the crew having secret meetings to discuss the length of time since Kirk’s last haircut and its possible correlation to his mood?

(*At one of my jobs, when the person in charge was experiencing a particular stressful period of time, he’d let his beard grow. This made everyone tense. We knew things were turning around when he shaved again.)

(I feel like Kirk’s characterization was all over the place in this movie, which — to be fair — was not actually inconsistent with the other two movies. But I would assume that many members of the crew pay very close attention to things like his hair and wardrobe choices, and probably discuss it on incognito chat forums, or whatever the Enterprise has.)

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