road construction update

For the time being, road work seems to be “finished” along my route to work. The signs and cones are gone, at least, so either it’s finished or a particularly persistent thief has been hard at work.

The most noticeable change is at one of the merges — it’s a merge in from the left-hand side of the road, which is always exciting. The solid white line (the one I always assumed meant ‘don’t leave the merge lane yet’) now goes on a really really really really really long time. Like, crazy long. Which leads to one of two situations:

1. Nobody likes waiting till the line switches over to dashes to make their merge, but when the solid line was shorter, people would often at least wait until they could *see* the end of it. Sort of a plausible deniability thing on jumping the solid line. Now it seems that people have decided if they’re not going to wait long enough for that (it’s a REALLY long line), then every other spot is basically the same level of rule-breaking. Which is pretty much chaos.

2. If you do choose to stick around in the merge lane for the entire recommended time, it’s not actually better. It’s long, as I mentioned, and straight. Very runway like. So there you are, “getting up to speed,” except that you get up to speed and there’s still so much lane left, and so you keep getting up to speed, and the end result is that you pretty much shoot out of that lane like a launch ramp, and then have to hit the breaks to actually fit in with the traffic you’re merging into (none of whom are expecting you to merge so far down the road). Which is also basically chaos.

Driving! So Much Adventure!

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