Friday Night TV Night

1. Stargate: Universe
I’m done. I gave this show one more try, because I was curious, and Eli seems nice, and it would be sort of nice to have tuned in and see that they weren’t all about to die again this week. But. It was terrible, I’m not even kidding. Okay, I can be coherent about this:

-It’s not a bad thing for characters to have hidden depths. When the hidden depths of your characters are that they’re all secretly assholes? That’s not good.

-I’m still sticking with my theory of elaborate simulation. And I think Eli’s in on it. (PS-he’s awesome, and I have to never watch the show again now for fear that he’ll reveal some hidden depth of horribleness.)

-I get that the whole “we’re stuck a gazillion light years away from anything and will likely never get home again” thing was unexpected for everyone. On the other hand, the SGC is still supposed to be the best of the best. Also, *Atlantis* managed to hold it together in the face of unkillable aliens that sucked your life out of you with their hands. I’m just saying.

-For starandrea: Eli’s totally the one who would say, “Well, someone had to, or we’d be here all day.”

2. White Collar
I love this show.

3. Burn Notice
Just as I was starting to feel a little antsy about the thought of watching three hours of television, Monk came on instead, and I joyfully turned off the tv. (And then stayed up reading fanfic till 2 in the morning.)

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