last work post of 2015!

So. Work. The great computer changeover happens this weekend, which — more power to them; I’m just glad I’m not important enough to be called in for weekend work.

But the manuals — man, that is a story and a half. Way back when training started (November?) we all got an enormous 3-ring binder full of information. Now, granted, most of this information was not super useful, but there was a psychological boost to feeling like we had a manual.

Last Wednesday, we were all instructed to turn in our manuals. For updates, they said. You’ll get them back, they said.

We haven’t. We’re not going to, apparently, until Monday. Word is they’re not actually done writing them yet.

Keep in mind — we’ve never actually used this system. The training environment we’ve had access to is similar, but none of the last-minute changes for specific functionality have been added to it. We could review the steps in our manuals, except that — oh, right. We don’t have them.

Monday’s going to be a heck of a day.

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