good times

I have been having a great time ::cough:: at work ::cough:: working my way through all my pinboard tags. I mean, it’s taking a while, but having an AO3 page up on your computer is a lot less obviously non-work-related than, say, a seven and a half minute youtube video of the Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol prison break scene. (Just as an example.)

I have particularly been enjoying my “summaries,” such as they are. I’m not a very detailed pinboard tagger, and in order to get myself to do it at all, I typically just put down the first thing that comes to mind when I think of the fic. This leads to a lot of random summaries, like:

“The one where Tony does a hail mary and Wanda sends him back in time to fix everything. Skrulls!”

(For This time tomorrow (where were we?), by dorcas_gustine. Surprisingly, I’m pretty sure I actually remember this fic!)

It’s also made me especially grateful for AO3 (not just for it’s blending-in-at-work attributes), because so many of the lj links no longer work. (For instance, apparently I once read a fic in which Kurt wears Puck’s hoodie, and also one I summarized “Lucifer gets handsy with Sam, who’s not sure the best way to deal with it,” both of which definitely sound like they’d be worth a re-read.)

In conclusion, reading is fundamental.

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