Practical Self-Defense*

(* because I winced when John Tesh said pepper spray is a good idea. The man has a soothing voice, and a generally easy to listen to radio show, but I couldn’t let that one pass.)

Self-Defense: A John Tesh Rebuttal
Author: marcicat
Word Count: 2700

I was driving home this evening, listening to the John Tesh radio show (hey, he has a soothing voice!), and he was talking about self-defense. It was the basics you always hear — yell, fight back, don’t get in the car, pepper spray… And I thought, “Pepper spray?!” Then I tried to imagine everything that could (and would) go wrong if I ever carried pepper spray. I was getting pretty worked up about it, and I was driving, so I tried to calm myself down by planning a quick guide to practical self-defense in my head. Then I got home, and decided to write it down. I’ve heard that in an adrenaline situation, you can only remember five things. With that in mind, I tried to get this list down to just five, but it didn’t quite work out like I expected.

2 Responses to “Practical Self-Defense*”

  1. Jax Says:

    I remember something a police officer told us in 2nd or 3rd grade which I always thought was the best thing ever. If you’re being grabbed and forced into a vehicle, go limp. I think the cop in question said “go limp like your Mom is forcing you into bed at 5pm when all your friends are outside playing” They demonstrated it with a few kids. The kids went completely limp and it was almost impossible for them to be lifted or dragged anywhere.

    Fainting would probably also have that option, except you couldn’t focus your wet noodle impression as well then.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Good call — it’s definitely effective if you can do it. For something that should be really easy, though, I had a terrible time with it (we actually practiced it every once in a while in martial arts). Apparently you can grow out of having that skill. That’s why I like the freaking out option — I *know* I’m good at that! 🙂

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