Just how many email addresses does one person need, anyway?

That’s the work-related question I’m pondering right now. Since it’s not really that important, it naturally led me to think of other things that aren’t really that important. (Funny how that works…)

“You’ve only got seventeen DVDs?”
-Blink, Doctor Who 3.10

I actually own somewhat less than 17 DVDs, although if we’re counting the *household* collection, it’s significantly more. I do, however, have 43 DVDs in my Netflix queue. Here are the ones I’m *not* planning on watching — I suppose I’ve left them in the queue out of laziness, and a vague sense of satisfaction when I glance at the list and feel like I’ve got a lot of options.

1. Robin Hood season 2 (5 discs, counting bonus materials!): Because Robin Hood is supposed to be fun, not melodramatic angst and killing off main characters for no reason.

2. Torchwood: Children of Earth (2 discs): Because after night four spoilers went up online, I didn’t want to watch it anymore.

3. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (not out yet, but it’s in my “saved” section): Because it was really, disappointingly, awful. In an “I not only can’t believe I paid money to see that, I can hardly believe I sat here and watched the whole thing” kind of way.

Thank goodness for old tv shows (Greatest American Hero), new tv shows (Psych), and movies I’ve already seen (Newsies, much as I roll my eyes at myself for jumping on the “OMG Newsies!” bandwagon — it was a cute movie; would watch again). Apparently I’m at a point in my life where I *really* don’t want surprises in my entertainment viewing. This is probably why I keep rereading Merlin fics, too (not *just* because Merlin is like the cute, slashy, scifi-fantasy version of romance novels).

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