Merlin Season 1

Now that I’ve seen the whole season, I can officially say this: What was up with that ending? There was this huge emotional buildup and then… nothing. Luckily, the nice thing about watching a show after you’re already involved in the fanfic is that I’ve got lots of post-Questing Beast fics to reread now! For ease and convenience, here’s some handy links:

1. The Course of True Love, by puckling
the one where Merlin becomes the High Priestess of Albion

2. …In Thunder, Lightning, or Rain?, by Blue Gold
the one where future!Merlin tells regular!Merlin how to fix things

3. Deluge, by Suaine
the one where it just keeps raining

4. A Feeling We Don’t Know Yet, by ladyflowdi
the one where Merlin and Arthur travel to Mercia and Merlin’s not ready for jokes about dying

5. Night and Light and the Half Light, by The Moonmoth
the one from Arthur’s POV during and after all Merlin’s to-ing and fro-ing to the Isle (& the one where Arthur talks to Hunith about his mom)

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