July Reading Wrap-Up

Number of Fics Read: 100 exactly — totally cool.

Number of Fandoms: 12
(Fandom that made no sense having seen none of the background canon: Sarah Connor Chronicles. Fandom that made perfect sense having seen none of the background “canon:” American Idol. Although, if it’s based on a reality tv show, does living in reality kind of provide background all on its own?)

Fandom I realized I’ve missed, having been away from it for a while: due South

New fandom that is consistently inconsistent: Star Trek (still going through a bit of a labeling identity crisis; I personally vote no on “AOS”)

Fandom that is consistently (startlingly) good: Merlin
(Merlin RPS rec: An ever-fixed mark, by casspeach. Bradley is Merlin, Colin is Arthur. Worth the brain bending name confusion to read.)

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