Bring Your LOLCAT To Work Day!

This is a… I was going to say fun, but I guess it really depends what level of excitement your job offers, and how much you enjoy twitting your coworkers. For me, the answers are 1) low, and 2) a lot, so the fun really never ends. See, I have this theory that *some* of my coworkers may secretly be internet wunderkinds, who run blogs and make cat macros and that kind of thing. But no one ever talks about it (possibly because we’re supposed to be, I don’t know, *working*), and there’s some people who are still at the “if it doesn’t work, hit the button again, but harder” stage of technology interaction. (Not that this strategy isn’t perfectly valid, it’s just that there are times when it’s arguably much *less* valid than just, say, waiting for the working light to turn off.)

Anyway, I like to toss in some LOLs into my workday every once in a while, as bait, you know? Just so I know how worried I should be that my boss may one day find this blog.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: EASY (If unrecognized, probably won’t make your coworkers think you’re crazy.)
“Om nom nom.” The beginner step. Easy to work in to your day in a variety of ways, particularly if pastries are ever part of your work environment. Has the added benefit of evoking memories of Cookie Monster, a beloved childhood friend.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: MEDIUM (Harder to work into daily conversation, but not overly bizarre to the uninitiated.)
“I’m in ur…” Extremely versatile, plus recognizable. (“I’m in your space, taking your recyclables!” “I’m in your kitchen, eating your ice cream!”) Easier to fit into a grammatically correct workplace than “I can haz.” Has the downside of potentially offending those with a poor sense of humor.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: ADVANCED (Be prepared for some strange looks; still worth it if someone’s being particularly cagey about their lol-knowledge.)
“Nooo! They be takin mah bukkit!” The lolrus is surprisingly easy to fit into the workday (I find there’s plenty of disappointment to go around, usually). It really only works if you keep it intact up until the subject, though (“Nooo! They be takin mah computer/pencil/etc”), or use it in its original form as a general expression of dissatisfaction. Still, it’s pretty obviously not standard english, so you take your chances with this one.

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