For Great Lols

Things I did tonight:

1. “Worked” on my July fic. Wrote about 100 words, most of which ended up in the Author’s Note. Better luck tomorrow?

2. Watched “The Beast in Black” — the Greatest American Hero version of rageprufrock’s Bang.

The look Holloway gives him is equal parts pity and frustration, and John gets a sinking feeling in his stomach when he reaches over to fold a pamphlet into John’s hands. It’s got a green triangle being shattered by lightning and somber lettering on the front reading: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE ALONE.

3. Caught up on my st_xi kink meme reading. Extra lols for the Spock as relationship counselor prompt.


Dear Dr.PointyEars,

I harbor undying love for one of my superior officer. But he doesn’t even notice me! He always says that he doesn’t have any emotion, but I think he does! I’m always so flustered when he comes to the part of the Enterprise I work in and so annoyed at Dr.McCoy for constantly pestering him. I don’t agree with any of the mean things Dr. McCoy says.

I would like to tell this handsome and intelligent person that I love him, but I’m almost certain that my love is unrequited.

Recently, there have been rumors that he is actually involved with another of my superior officers.

Do you think I should tell him anyway?

Dear Anonymous,

I strongly advise you not to, under any circumstances, confront the person of your desire with the revelation of your “undying love.”

Please note, that individuals who practise emotional repression find such dramatic declarations highly disconcerting.

I urge you to bury your sentiments deep inside you and never disclose them.


Commander Spock

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