TV Double-Take

I was watching my latest Netflix dvd last night, cheerily lol-ing along, when all of a sudden I thought, “Wait… what?” Here was the sequence of events:

Two guys are partners are close friends work together, and they’re driving somewhere together. The first guy (let’s call him Bill) has just been told he may lose his government law-enforcement job because of his unconventional relationships methods. The second guy (let’s call him Ralph) has just had a huge fight with his girlfriend because she’s jealous of how much time he spends with Bill he’s jealous of how much time she’s spending with some other guy. Anyway, they’re both depressed; Bill even suggests they “cut their losses.”

Right at that moment, they pull into an “Adult Motel.” (That’s really what it was called, too, the “Adult Motel.”) One of them lurks outside while the other one gets a room. They go into the room (which has a waterbed and mirrored ceiling). One of them turns on the tv (to the in-room porn channel, apparently) while the other one *takes off his clothes.*

I ask you, what show could this be? GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, that’s what show! (Season 2, an episode called “Classical Gas.”) I can only imagine the fic that would be written if GAH was airing today. (Note: they totally played the scene for laughs, as the next thing Ralph did was put a pillow over his head like a hat and try to sense leftover vibes from a international terrorist. Still. Even Merlin and Arthur never visited an Adult Motel.)

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