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I consider myself pretty average in terms of internet savvy. Of course, every time I’m online, I feel like everyone knows more than me. But offline, not so much — my coworkers wouldn’t know an “om nom” from a “cake or death” even if Edie Izzard walked in the door with a purring cat.

Still, there’s loads of times I come across some word/phrase/abbreviation and think, “huh?” And then there’s a dilemma, because there could be lots of reasons for not recognizing something on the internet:

1. I’ve failed to identify a commonly accepted term. Asking about it will reveal my pathetic ineptness at this newfangled thing called a computer.

2. I’ve stumbled upon a journal or community-specific “in joke” type of term — if I have to ask, I’m not supposed to know.

3. Anyone would be happy to tell me what it means — but the answer will leave me hideously embarrassed.
(3a. My question may be seen as insulting to a lifestyle or group.)
(3b. My question may be seen as an invitation/request for something I *really* didn’t intend to get involved in.)

Clearly, this is a tricky issue. Luckily, the internet has solved the very problem it created! (Note: my lack of knowledge about this site is pretty much the prime example of #1 above.)


Used by me to look up l/a/s (because of rageprufrock’s new WIP), FML (because of the stxi kink meme), and captcha (this one I mostly knew, but didn’t know it could stand for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart”). Also, I’m ridiculously pleased that I figured bamf out all by myself.

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