May Reading Wrap-Up

Number of fics: 140 (as of “Rescue”)
(Number of fics unlisted, but saved to my stxi_kink meme folder: 89 [yikes!])

Fandom Winner of the Month: Star Trek!
(Now there’s an idea — forget the whole “reboot” vs “XI” vs “nuTrek” thing, let’s just put an exclamation after it if it has to do with the new movie. ST! Yeah, I like it.)

Non-Fic Event of the Month:
Jack and Ianto got married!
(Announced over at ask about coffee, Ianto’s internet blog. Personally, I’m enjoying their storyline much more than I expect to enjoy the actual Torchwood “season 3” miniseries.)

Personal Internet Victory of the Month:
I have tagged! Over at my dreamwidth journal, I made tags for everything, for handy sorting and finding. Woohoo — I have mastered a basic internet journaling skill!

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