Food fics

Went to dinner with job1 tonight, a sort of bizarre comedy of errors. To distract myself, I started thinking about fics with food in them (since, sadly, there was none on my plate). Turns out there’s a lot of them — meals are such a convenient time to get your characters to talk with each other, with the added benefit of built in pauses for chewing and stuff.

I was considering doing a more complete retrospective of excellent food/take-out oriented stories, with relevant examples from each fandom. Then I realized there were only 9 minutes left in the day, and I still had lots to do. So — here’s one funny story where I’m pretty sure they *eat* food at some point, and I’m nearly positive there’s at least one grocery store trip.

Too Many Chiefs and Not Enough Indians, by sealie
Sentinel; Blair’s cousins come to visit, hilarity follows

(Upon skimming the start of this fic, there’s definitely groceries *and* a visit to a Chinese restaurant. Perfect!)

How could one little sentinel cope with four Sandburgs?

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