book report

One of my goals this year is to read 12 books. (One per month-ish, as one does.) Because I have these books, right? And it’s not like I *don’t* want to read them, I just never seem to actually get around to it. And there’s also the handy social interaction factor of being able to say, “Yes, I’m reading [BOOK] right now, it’s pretty interesting,” instead of trying to explain something like, “Well, I read a lot of fanfiction on the internet.”

[Which isn’t to say I’m not reading fanfic on the internet. I’m just trying to read paper books too.]

“Life Is Your Best Medicine”
by Tieraona Low Dog, MD

I can’t really remember how these go? I liked the book, found it very accessible and easy to get through. Nice flow, didn’t feel the urge to fall asleep while reading. Short chapters, which I like.

“The everyday stuff of our lives influences our ability to be healthy and whole. In the long run, life is your best medicine.”

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