work-cation, day 1

1. Souvenir of the day: a 2012 lobster boat racing calendar, along with the quote “With some duct tape and a few beers, it’s amazing what can seem like a good idea.” (Truer words…)

2. My roommate and I have officially named this the year of crazy cat people. Because honestly, we work together, and if we don’t want to talk about work, there aren’t a heck of a lot of safe alternative topics. So we talk about our cats. A lot, actually.

3. I attended my first baseball game today, which was interesting. When I am back on a computer where I can open up bunches of tabs, I’ll link some fun baseball fics (very common in Live Free or Die Hard fanfic that I have bookmarked).

4. On a less social note, I did skip out on the “gelato and beer” trip out on the town this evening. Yikes. It’s not that these aren’t lovely people, it’s more that there must be a finite number of coworker-appropriate stories we can tell, and once we hit the limit, it’s all gonna be downhill from there.

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