I just really like crossovers.

At some point I watched ‘The Losers,’ mostly because the pics of Chris Evans’ character pulling out a crossbow were just too funny not to have context for. But now I really want to read a story where Bucky Barnes from ‘Captain America’ runs into Jensen from ‘The Losers,’ and they’re both like, “wow, you seem kind of familiar” (you know, in a ‘one’s a sniper with a troubled past, one’s a man who wears unlikely outfits and looks like Chris Evans; together they fight crime’ sort of way).

It would only get better, naturally, when Steve Rogers teamed up with Cougar to get them back (danger, whatever, handwave). They would likely spend a lot of time not talking; it would be, like, the most restful mission they’d ever been on, but secretly they would miss the asshole-ish behavior of their usual teammates.

[NOTE TO SELF: I just reread my own subject line as ‘I just really like crossbows.’ TOO MUCH HAWKEYE FIC?]

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