other fics I’ve been reading

Team Building Activities, by (not yet revealed)

“There are now twenty-five SHIELD agents playing Farmville on the clock.” He looked like that was hurting him in his very soul, and the hurt grew more evident as he went on, through gritted teeth. “Fury says good initiative. Don’t do anything like that again.”

Cut To Fit, by kellifer_fic

Clint notices her attention, says, “Sorry, I was practicing lip reading,” in this way that means he thinks it’s a completely normal thing to be doing on a Saturday afternoon.

Barter System, by (anonymous)

He suspects asking “why” will get him an answer something along the lines of, “I’m wearing your night-shirt for science, John, obviously,” but he’s going to ask anyway.

TEEN WOLF (I know, I know…)
Open the Door, by Renay

Derek glares at him, which Stiles never thought he would miss. “I’m walking you back to your car.”

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