advent update

So far I’ve been doing well with the “one a day” plan for advent, though I am somewhat concerned that I’ve done all the easy ones first. Also, “make a crafty decoration” became “make a crafty gift,” but I thought those were pretty interchangeable.

Today I have the morning off, so I figured, “Why not knock off the Christmas novel today?” (Reading, not writing.) So I picked one I had found at a booksale, called “Christmas Lights.” The subtitle is “A Novel,” which, you know, seemed appropriate.

EXCEPT! The book was all with the praying and the church and the marriage vows and the fulfillment of having babies and a husband. Which is fine, but now I feel sort of like I need to scrub my brain out with sand.

Instead, I think I’ll just read another Christmas novel. The summary for this one reads, “Judith Rossiter is in no position to turn down the astonishing proposal, but it worries her. Why would an earl, and a most attractive one at that, offer marriage to an impoverished widow with two young children?”


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