Why is so much DW/TW/SJA fic sad and full of melancholy? (Also, what’s up with authors who summarize their stories with these hilarious lines, but the actual story is — wait for it — sad and full of melancholy?) Torchwood, especially, is already sad and depressing; based on the “fanfic gives us what the show doesn’t,” Torchwood fic should be full of the team playing wiffle ball in the park and holding sleepovers where they stay up all night eating candy corn.

Not so much.

Maybe I’m just projecting — maybe these stories *are* filled with kittens and candy corn, and I just read them as sad because I’m in a weird place in my life. Wow, that’s an *even worse* thought.

Anyway, here’s a story I really liked that has nothing to do with any BBC show. (Yay!)

Friendly, by Speranza
A lot of people came in and out of Rodney’s lab, John realized. A lot more than you might think, considering Rodney’s personality and the odds of getting yelled at.

Oddly, I really kind of want this to be canon.

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