Sci-Fi Friday: Sanctuary, ep.2

Will: “I think everyone is crazy.”
Sam (still haven’t bothered to learn her actual name on the show): “Let’s talk a lot about characters we’ll never see again.”
Will: “I wonder if anyone will notice if I just never leave. Although, how would I get my Netflix movies?”
[missing scene at police station, with character development]
Witches: “Instead of raising legitimate issues about freedom and responsibility, how about some dream footage?”
Sam: “A cabal that’s been around for ages and ages that I have somehow never heard of or run into before is after us! Lockdown! Release the bunnies! Run away!”
Will: “I feel conflicted about my job.”
Ashely: “A stunt double does 95% of my scenes. What show is this again?”

Huh. Has anyone making this show ever actually *tried* to do that stuff with long hair? It blows in your face, it catches on things, and it gives bad guys something to pull on that hurts a *lot*.

Favorite Moment: The “Level 5 lockdown,” which seemed to mean “we’ll shut this one single door that’s closest to me, but leave the rest open — it won’t help, but it will look cool on film, and if I was tired, I could lean on it.” It makes me wonder both what a level 1 lockdown could possibly be (an outdoor light to scare off raccoons?) and how high you have to get in numbers before the lockdown actually does anything useful, like, say, lock down the building.

On Sci-Fi tv in general, and Sanctuary in particular:
– If your character goes “Whoa!” and the audience goes “Huh?” it’s time to turn on some lights.

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