Greatest American Hero – QUOTES!1!

(from Season 2, disc 5)

1. Dreams
“I just don’t want to mess this up!”
-Johnny, the world’s most conscientious villain

2. The Good Samaritan
“Every time Ralph gives me that garbage on the phone about how ‘I’ll give you all the details as soon as you get here’ that means he can’t tell me the truth or I wouldn’t show up at all.”
-Bill, the world’s most hilarious partner

“You think *you* feel crazy; how do you think I feel? I have to wear this hideous red suit around all the time!”
-Ralph, the world’s whiniest superhero

3. There’s Just No Accounting
[I have no quotes from this one. It’s an entire episode based around being audited by the IRS. I just — what is that, even?]

4. Captain Bellybuster and the Speed Factory
[no, that’s the real title]
“How did he do that?”
“The power of positive thinking.”
-Mickey, Pam

[No lie, Bill *actually* eats out of a box of dog biscuits in two of these eps. Apparently the beverage of choice to accompany dog biscuits is beer. Who knew?]

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