Movie Review: A Dog’s Breakfast

That is one weird movie. The special features are awesome, because David Hewlett is v.funny (go squirrels!), and I love how they totally acknowledge the awesome power that is fans (esp. sci fi fans — shout-out to the people making the fan eps of Star Trek!).

The movie itself? Weird. Kind of scary, actually — I had to fast forward through some of it, because it was so suspenseful. I was glad I’d seen some of the special features first, so I could be like, wait, so … he’s not *really* dead, right? I totally missed the whole makeup artist angle though. Clever.

Anyway, it was a fun exercise in fannishness to watch it, but I’m not planning to go buy the dvd or anything. Still, it made me realize that I’m sure I read some fic where John was Amy. I wonder if I could find it…

ETA: Ha! I found it!

Patrick’s Desperate Plan To Stop His House Expanding And Its Unexpected But Ultimately Pleasant Result, by toft froggy
“Why on earth would I have called you Amy if your name was John?”

“I thought you were being understanding!”

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